I am licensed marriage and family therapist (MFC #48102), and I hold a doctorate degree (Psy.D.) in Psychology, with emphasis in psychoanalysis. My clinical experience has included in-depth training in psychoanalytic, object relations, and attachment-based approaches to therapy.

I believe many issues such as depression and anxiety stem from relationship difficulties we encounter in our lives. As a result, I have great interest in helping people who find it challenging to engage in meaningful relationships or have difficulty letting go of dysfunctional ties.

It is my belief that the relationship between therapist and client serves the therapy process as a source of understanding, learning, and, ultimately change. Additionally, some aspects of our experience exist out of our conscious awareness, yet affect our life experience in meaningful ways. Therapy is about helping clients to become aware of underlying sources of issues they face, in ways that enable them to achieve meaningful and lasting change. I strive to create a respectful, accepting environment, where you feel safe to express and explore your feelings, and you are challenged to grow.  

My practice consists mostly of working with individuals and couples in psychoanalytic psychotherapy as well as psychoanalysis. I am fully committed to do my best to meet my clients' needs.

For more information, please visit Evelyn's website at: www.eapsychotherapy.com

Evelyn Aizenberg, Psy.D.

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